maksat.PRO helps to develop and maintain up-to-date documents, provide knowledge base of the latest trends and possible risks, regularly tracking updates to requirements of hosting sports events with further updating of tasks
Planning the priority tasks of the Organizing Committee
The system allows organizers to significantly save time at the stage of launching the work of the organizing committee, get the distribution of tasks among responsible employees in accordance with the requirements, and also track training in accordance with the training roadmap

Monetization: buying a license for an event based on the level of the event

Extras: used at FINA World Championships and other events

Formation of basic documents
The system allows organizers to organize resource management when planning and preparing an event. Management accounting, financial accounting, procurement management, readiness checklist, reporting

Monetization: event licenses, purchase of an annual license

Extras: used at World League Water Polo Superfinal 2017 (Ruza) and other events
Personnel planning and functional structure
The implementation of the system allows you to control the readiness of the facility for matches, form an effective distribution of tasks among employees, introduce additional paid services from a single register, conveniently submit reports as required by the Ministry of Sports and other departments

Monetization: event licenses, purchase of an annual license

Extras: used at World League Water Polo Superfinal 2017 (Ruza) and other events
Key value
We help organising commettees to prepare and provide all event participants with services at the expected level
Start improving your events!
Distribution of requirements by employees
The system allows organizers to publish their event, and participants to apply for participation through a convenient service. Participants use a single account to participate in events from various organizers. The system allows participants to promptly report changes in dates and venues of events, which is especially relevant at the moment

Monetization: purchase of a one-time license for the platform

Projects: based on the platform, events are held on the timerman.org platform with a total coverage of more than 100,000 participants
Working with client groups
The implementation of the system allows you to create a collection of data about customers and fans, segmentation, communications, a loyalty program, work with requests, manage work with the media, partners and sponsors, organize the work of temporary staff and analytics

Monetization: One-time purchase of a server license
Operational Readiness Review and Response Plans
The system helps coaches and athletes simplify their regular training process. At the first step, the coach creates a training plan for each group, after which the athletes and their parents can quickly receive the necessary data via email or push notifications

Monetization: Purchasing a server license for a customized solution

Additionally: on the basis of the platform, the official application of the Russian Ice Hockey Federation “Red Machine. Trainer"
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