Our solution

Events templates

  • Intelligent event templates based on best practices of international events

Common space

  • for tasks, indicators and business modules such as accommodation with real-time data updating

Verified requirements

  • current requirements for events confirmed by profile sports experts

Maksat.PRO Team Performance

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Core value:

We help focus on the content of the event not on data cross-check. The system is adapted to work in any convenient place from a mobile, tablet or laptop.


Results of using our services

The organizers gain confidence in the successful conduct of the competition, know all the details and keep the necessary indicators under control. Data updated in real time increases the speed and quality of managerial decisions made, which is especially important in hard schedule mode. Our solution is offered in the subscription mode, which significantly reduces the financial and accounting burden. All together, this provides guaranteed achievement of the goal.

Event setup

On the basis of the patterns laid down, you can organize the process of preparing and conducting competitions in accordance with your regulations. Templates simplify preparation and conduct, given the minimum requirements of sports federations.

Communication with participants

The system allows you to communicate with participants in Russian and English. Starting from registration and further until departure from the event, using the system you can exchange with the participants all the necessary information and documents.


During the event, you yourself decide which modules from registration, accommodation, arrivals / departures, etc. you will need. Setting accessibility of modules can be quickly and easily done both automatically and manually.

Head Panel

A single display of information with real-time updating allows managers to quickly analyze the picture. Built-in widgets with the ability to drill down make analysis fast and convenient.

Scheme of work

Registration in the system

Create a new event and add all involved employees

Sign UP Step 1

Event setup

Choose the appropriate event template and adapt it according to your parameters. If necessary, fill in the data on zones, categories, transport, etc.

Step 2

Work in a convenient system

Receive operational information on the preparation and conduct of the event

Sign IN Step 3

All tools in a single place

Template Management

The service contains pre-configured event templates that greatly simplify the planning and implementation of events

Tasks and Services

The service helps to successfully work with tasks and control the services provided.

Organizational structure

The service offers ready-made organizational structures of committees. You can also make your own

Customer groups

Service system directories contain information about the most common client groups at sporting events

Registration / Accreditation

You can successfully register and accredit both individual participants and entire delegations

Arrivals / Departures

The service allows you to manage the flows of participants in terms of arrivals and departures at airports and train stations


Using the service, you can control the accommodation of your participants, as well as their eviction from placements


The service contains a tool for displaying the schedule of special vehicles during the event

Zones and Security

Thanks to the convenient zoning system, you can create participant flows and they will not interact according to the rules you set